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Industrial and instrumentation capabilities

Schindler supports future modes of work by enhancing industrial and instrumentation capabilities

Schindler has deep expertise and capabilities to provide leading solutions for innovative industrial applications

From prototype evaluation to field trials, Schindler can provide complete solutions for today's innovative electrical applications。Original equipment Suppliers (Oems) rely on Schindler for manufacturing-oriented design and high reliability guidance to ensure superior results and high performance that customers can rely on。 With its expertise in rf, microwave, sensor and interconnectivity, Schindler offers differentiated solutions and offers customers complete integrated solutions。 As technology trends converge, requiring smaller and higher density packages or signal integrity, Schindler's extensive solutions and global talent can be supported at every step。

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When your super allegro and allegro products enter the next phase of their life cycle, there will be a seamless transition to mass production。Industrial and instrumentation original Equipment manufacturers (Oems) and their partners around the world trust Schindler to provide them with complete product life cycle solutions to bring their products to market quickly。Our professional field application engineers and production engineers can help you get your prototype ready for production, saving you time and cost。Verification and testing will be carried out as soon as possible to ensure seamless connection to mass production。

cbin99仲博在线登录了解客户需要灵活的The solution;通过cbin99仲博在线登录在全球的Printed circuit board工厂网络、研发中心和现场应用工程师团队,cbin99仲博在线登录可以满足您的需求。We can provide complete and differentiated solutions and a variety of alternatives for different stages of the product life cycle to meet the different needs of customers。

Schindler's Facilities in North America and Asia Pacific support industrial and instrumentation applications and production。No matter what macroeconomic factors you may be facing, our global factory and material inventory strategy provides solutions and mitigates risks for customers。Schindler has manyQuality management certificationAnd abide by the strict环境, health and safety agreement to ensure that we are a trusted supplier and employer。

A wide range of technical solution products

Schindler is proud to develop a variety of technologies and solutions to meet advanced and innovative customers in different end markets。Whether the solution is a fast-growing printed circuit board technology (such as high density interconnection (HDI) or a combination of hard and soft boards),Or radio frequency (RF) and millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions in the form of off-the-shelf components, test or custom engineering solutions,Schindler's wide range of products and deep expertise make us a strategic partner for any team looking to change the world with the next generation of applications。

Advanced technology Printed circuit boards (PCB

  • Laser micro hole
  • High Density Interconnection (HDI)
  • Gold-plated through hole (VIPPO)
  • Soft board, soft and hard combined board
  • Top number
  • large-format
  • Hybrid materials

Heat dissipation management solution


Heat dissipation management is critical to keeping component temperatures within design values by eliminating excess heat generated。


Higher frequencies, data rates, and the high current required by inverters and motor drivers used in solar applications increase cooling requirements significantly。As component density increases, all of these require advanced heat management techniques to provide reliable products and extend product life。

In ourThe solutionFind more on this pageHeat dissipation management solution


Rf/microwave expertise and ability

Schindler offers a range of off-the-shelf and customized solutions to support millimeter Wave (MM-Wave) related applications。Our advanced solutions have passed rigorous testing and are trusted by customers in rigorous end markets。We recommend that you visit the RF and Special Components page within Solutions for detailed information。

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Industry and instrumentation

Industrial and instrumentation applications

Soft board and combination of soft and hard board

High Density Interconnection (HDI)

Thermal management

Conventional circuit board

Rf and special components


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Heat Dissipation Management Solution

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