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Industrial and instrumentation applications

Schindler helps industrial and instrumentation innovators deliver inspiring solutions to make their jobs more productive

Schindler's PCB and technology solutions help our customers change the way their customers do business

We have extensive product expertise in the industrial and instrumentation markets。Throughout the product lifecycle, we work with long-standing original equipment suppliers (Oems) and startups to support industry 4.Innovative application of 0 to reality。Schindler's global team of engineers and dedicated project managers, with deep industry knowledge, make our customers' jobs easier, increase production, and be more efficient during the early stages of new product launches to field practices。

Examples of product experience:

Test and Measurement
The ripple effect can be felt in the semiconductor test and measurement market as the demand for advanced security technologies grows in the medical, defense, and automotive markets。With our global engineering team and expertise in PCB manufacturing, Schindler is well positioned to serve this market。
Industrial Robot
The demand for robotics has multiplied over the past decade and is expected to continue on this trajectory for the foreseeable future。At present, the demand for functions of robots connected by 5G is increasing, while industry 4.The advent of 0 makes production more efficient than ever before。We are already seeing exciting new applications of service robotics in various end markets, from healthcare to hospitality, and even unexpected areas such as human resources。Experts also predict that market adoption of service robot technology will accelerate in the coming years。
Industrial IoT
Schindler has extensive technology convergence expertise to cover our diverse end markets。Schindler has been supporting its customers in networking and computing, telecommunications and data storage for many years and has invested in the technologies they need to bring innovative and transformative products to market。Schindler is well positioned to support smart products created by startups and established brands to improve industrial processes through machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity。
Energy Storage
From electric vehicle charging stations to industrial energy applications, Schindler's global network of engineers can provide expertise from prototyping to mass production。We have simulation and testing capabilities to ensure that your high-power and heat-loaded applications perform on-the-ground as designed, and any failures are not an option。
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Industry and instrumentation

Industrial and instrumentation capabilities

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