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Automobile application

Schindler technologies has extensive experience as a supplier of automotive original Equipment (OEM) and electronic components for electronic systems

Schindler supports innovative automotive applications with advanced technology solutions


From connectivity to electrification to higher levels of autonomous driving, it all starts with Schindler

Electric drivetrains, vehicle charging stations and energy storage systems are just a few of the applications schindler is supporting for vehicle manufacturers, while developing technology solutions for low-emission vehicles for many more suppliers。We offer heat dissipation management, with high current loads and other solutions that enable our customers to create innovative, electric and hybrid solutions to meet market needs。
Auto Interior
Internet of Vehicles (V2X) connectivity and seamless and personalized experiences with smart devices are a recognized trend。You will be able to experience the integration of various technologies, such as networking, data storage, augmented reality, and more, in today's cars。Schindler offers a wide range of solutions and global expertise to address the challenges faced by networking and communication applications that can meet the high reliability requirements of vehicles。
Auto LiDAR

Autonomous driving (AD) is changing the landscape of transportation and personal mobility。By using smart cars with various sensors, such as LiDAR, radar and stereo cameras to collect data, they make vehicles safer and more efficient and offer new routes from point A to point B。
Schindler has extensive experience working with major automotive original equipment manufacturers (Oems) and industry-level innovators around the world to implement fully autonomous driving features and partially autonomous advanced safety applications, such as collision avoidance or parking assistance。



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