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Manage trainee program

The program aims to develop outstanding Schindler leadership, inspire new thinking and encourage innovation。

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Management Trainee (MT) program

Every year, Schindler offers new graduates the opportunity to become management trainee (MT)。The company supports the study of management trainees to start with the job rotation training in different departments, helping management trainees to build three-dimensional knowledge of PRINTED circuit board, comprehensively learn the professional knowledge of printed circuit board, and develop the production process。


What is the management trainee program at Schindler?

Each MT is trained on a six-month rotation through a range of major business/operations functions。The company will determine the official position and department of MT according to its actual situation。

Management makes full use of their time to actively participate in the career development of management trainees and provide ongoing guidance and assistance throughout the program。
Through participating in various projects, MT is required to report regularly to management to explore their potential and improve their public speaking skills。
By organizing some group building activities, MT participants are encouraged to connect with each other in order to provide a rich experience and collaborative spirit。

MT can learn various key processes from job rotation training。
Each MT can gain extensive experience and operational knowledge through job rotation training。
MT is constantly guided and assisted by the management team。
To further improve public speaking and presentation skills, MT regularly reports project updates to the manager throughout the program。
Networking with colleagues and connecting with others is a key part of learning from schindler's management trainee programme。

MT experienced six months of job rotations before each participant decided which department and position to take on。Our MT program participants gain extensive knowledge and exposure to a wide range of processes and operations in a short period of time。In addition, Schindler has planned a learning process that will continue to develop leadership and professional development skills based on an individual's chosen career path。

Shirley Wen
Apac Quality Engineering Manager, 2008 Schindler Huiyang (HY) Management trainee
This is a company with great social responsibility。More than 10 years have passed, colleagues have become friends, happy life, happy work。
Jeson Wu
CQE Engineer, 2017 Schindler Huiyang (HY) Management Trainee
One of the most joyful changes is to start with life and work. After work, I will encounter many difficulties, and I can analyze and deal with them independently。
Johnny Lau
PE chief engineer, 2008 Schindler Huiyang (HY) management trainee
Looking back over the past ten years, I am very grateful to the company for providing a free and flexible platform for personnel development. I can teach students according to their aptitude and make full use of my strengths, so that I can live and work happily in Huizhou。
Allan Cai
Assistant Manager of R&D, 2010 Schindler Huiyang (HY) Management Trainee
As 2010MT, I am honored to participate in this training program, which provides a good platform for young people to learn and improve themselves。I will be a good role model and support the training of new MT/DT。
Vanson He
Process Control Engineering Manager, 2008 Schindler Huiyang (HY) Management trainee
I am very happy to be MT of this training program and learn a lot from it。 MT program is a long-term development strategy for training professional managers。It enables outstanding graduates to quickly master a variety of skills, and can choose the right career according to their own hobbies, so that we can quickly make contributions to the enterprise, and become an important part of the enterprise development。
Daniel Gu
Assistant Quality Manager, 2009 Schindler Suzhou (SUZ) Management Trainee
In the past ten years, I am very grateful for the cultivation of the company, and proud of it, here I experience the success, happy sweat。In the coming year of the Ox, I sincerely hope our company can overcome difficulties and make greater progress。

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