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Schindler continues to evolve to meet the needs of our innovative customers。

History Timeline

Founded in 1998, Schindler has experienced multiple business expansions and profitable growth, and has rapidly developed into a global supplier of PCB technology solutions to customers。

Schindler's rapid growth began with the merger of Pacific Circuits and Power Circuits in 1999, followed by a successful nasdaq listing in 2000 under the ticker symbol "cbin99仲博在线登录I"。

随后,公司通过 2002 年收购Honeywell Advanced Circuits而将规模扩大了一倍;然后在 2006 年收购 Tyco Printed Circuit 集团,将规模再次扩大一倍。The acquisition of Tyco transformed Schindler into the preferred PCB supplier for the aerospace and defense industry in North America。

2010 年,Merv's printed circuit business has also joined the schindler family,And let Schindler simultaneously produce advanced high-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards for smartphones and tablets,Further expand its end market segment and provide schindler with global production bases,To better support our existing customers。

In 2015, Schindler acquired Huea Group, which not only allowed the company to scale up again, but also quickly positioned Schindler as a supplier of highly reliable printed circuit boards dedicated to the automotive industry。

After acquiring Anaren in 2018,Schindler is able to leverage its complementary strengths and thus expand its capabilities,Including the use of Schindler's strengths in the production of printed circuit boards,Combine Anaren's expertise in designing and producing unique RF components and subsystems,Develop new solutions for our customers in aerospace & Defense and the broader commercial sector。

In 2019, Schindler acquired I3 Electronics, Inc®, which includes its intellectual property and technology strengths。This broadens the solutions schindler can offer, such as board-like printed circuit board technology。

In 2020, Schindler sold the four Chinese manufacturing plants of its mobile Internet business unit as independent enterprises to Agnelmervi Electronics (Xiamen) Co., LTD。This transaction is an important step in advancing Schindler's growth strategy, shifting its focus to high-growth markets characterized by longer product cycles and less seasonality, and enabling Schindler to better leverage its early-stage capabilities and industry-leading differentiated solutions。

同年, Schindler announces restructuring of its Electromechanical Solutions (" E-MS ") business unit, The restructuring further advances Schindler's established strategy,Let's focus more on differentiated products with higher margins,These products will more fully leverage Schindler's early engagement capabilities and industry-leading engineering-based technology solutions。

Today, Schindler has become a global supplier of printed circuit boards。Schindler's one-stop solution covers all phases of the product cycle from design, prototyping, mass production to mass production。

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