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Schindler is a global technology solutions company and PCB manufacturer. Innovation has been the key to our continued success。Schindler has grown since 1998 and now has more than 200 patents that enable us to provide our customers with a wide range of solutions and bring transformative advanced technology applications to market。

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Our patented FLAT WRAP™ technology

The Schindler engineering team has developed an innovative process: Flat-Wrap ™ technology。

This patented technology removes the need for an additional surface plating of copper to meet the coating plating requirements of the IPC standard (refer to IPC 6012B amendment 1 p.。

Flat-wrap ™ technology ensures that the coating thickness is consistent and matches the thickness of the copper foil on the initial surface。

Schindler Flat-Wrap ™ technology has the following advantages:
  • Because the whole panel surface coating plating consistency to improve reliability
  • Eliminate the accumulation of copper thickness due to multiple coating plating
  • Improve the uniformity of surface plating, and then improve the uniformity of impedance of electroplating
  • Improved the intermediate thickness between the outer and sub-outer layers of all child plates laminated neutron plates
  • Reduced surface copper thickness supports thin lines and tighter geometric design
  • Improve the consistency of solder film thickness due to the reduction of copper graphic height

More examples of Schindler patent intellectual property

  • A conductive cap may be fixed to a printed circuit board for filling, and a method for producing a printed circuit board with a fixed conductive cap
  • Wide-band radio frequency equipment
  • Rf attenuator equipment and systems
  • Rf terminal
  • Fabricate high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit board assemblies by array method
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards by thermal path design and manufacturing methods
  • Directional couplers with DC insulated input and output ports
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