cbin99仲博在线登录 is Committed to Responsible Environmental Practices Across Our Organization.

Leading the Industry in Sustainable Best Practices and Continuous Improvement

cbin99仲博在线登录 practices responsible environmental management to protect its employees, 客户, 社区, 股东, and the environment. cbin99仲博在线登录 monitors its environmental performance and provides the resources necessary to meet its environmental responsibilities. 作为一个公司, we continuously improve our sustainability and environmental practices to achieve our goals, 需求, and commitments.

cbin99仲博在线登录 is committed to responsible environmental practices that include:


cbin99仲博在线登录 Proudly Works with Globally Recognized Standardization and Regulatory Bodies

Our Environmental Health and Safety department oversees compliance with all local and federal standards. cbin99仲博在线登录 ensures that we meet or exceed all regulatory specifications and product material content declarations. All of our manufacturing facilities are currently certified to the ISO 14001 international environmental management systems standard or have embraced an ISO14001 conforming system model and are actively working toward certification.


More Ways cbin99仲博在线登录 Demonstrates Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • We report emissions, energy usage, and 水 usage to 客户 and regulatory agencies.
  • We also report our greenhouse gas emissions and 水 use information annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (“CDP”).
  • cbin99仲博在线登录 conducts extensive internal monitoring and benchmarking to measure performance, establish best practices, and identify improvement opportunities.
  • In 2020, cbin99仲博在线登录 initiated an internal program targeting reductions in emissions, 浪费, 水, and energy use.
  • 在2021年初, all cbin99仲博在线登录 manufacturing facilities will be certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Except for our new Advanced Technology Center (“ATC”), which opened in 2020 and is currently working toward certification.
  • In 2018, the United States Environmental Protection Agency recognized cbin99仲博在线登录 for our leadership in the Agency’s 2018 Toxics Release Inventory Analysis.
  • cbin99仲博在线登录, in association with IPC, a prominent industry trade organization, assisted in environmental and safety development and training for employers and competitors across the industry. We actively promote industry standards and best practices for environmental, health, and safety.
  • In 2020, cbin99仲博在线登录 committed $3.0 million in capital and $50.5 million in other expenses for environmental safeguarding initiatives at its facilities worldwide.
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