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At cbin99仲博在线登录, innovation is the key to our ongoing success as an advanced technology solutions provider and printed circuit board ("PCB") manufacturer. Since 1998, cbin99仲博在线登录 has grown and developed, and now has nearly 200 patents that provide our customers with leading-edge solutions to bring game-changing, advanced technology applications to market.

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Our Patented FLAT WRAP™ Technology

cbin99仲博在线登录's engineering teams have developed an innovative process: FLAT-WRAP™ Technology. This patented technology eliminates the need for additional surface-plated copper required to meet the IPC specification for wrap plating (ref. IPC 6012B Amendment 1 p. FLAT-WRAP™ Technology results in consistent wrap plate thickness matching the thickness of the initial surface foil.

cbin99仲博在线登录 FLAT-WRAP™ Technology provides the following benefits:
  • Increased reliability due to wrap plate uniformity over the entire panel surface
  • Elimination of copper thickness build-up during multiple wrap plating cycles on a common layer
  • Improved surface plating distribution provides consistent impedance values on the plated layers with via-filled holes
  • Improved dielectric thickness on all sub-laminations between the sub-outer plated layer and the subsequent laminated layer
  • Reduced surface copper thickness enables designs with fine lines and tighter geometries
  • Improved soldermask thickness uniformity due to reduced copper feature height

More Examples of cbin99仲博在线登录’s Patented Intellectual Property

  • Method for anchoring a conductive cap on a filled via in a printed circuit board and printed circuit board with an anchored conductive cap
  • Wideband RF device
  • RF attenuator device and system
  • RF termination
  • Methods for fabricating printed circuit board assemblies with high density via array
  • Printed circuit board assemblies with engineered thermal paths and methods of manufacture
  • Directional couplers with dc insulated input and output ports
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Find Advanced Technology Solutions Here


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